David Tinapple

March 4, 2016, 2:00 – 3:15 pm, Issues and Insights 2: Arts Teaching and Learning in a Digital Age – New Advances (Concurrent Session)

David Tinapple is an assistant professor at the School of Arts, Media + Engineering at Arizona State University.

Part artist, designer, and engineer, David’s work is about discovering and creating new interactive experiences that support human performance in complex settings. In his creative practice, he builds and exhibits interactive sculptures, responsive media environments, and audiovisual experiences. In his design practice he creates and deploys new tools to support attention, perception, and collaboration. David takes the perspective that art and engineering are mutually reinforcing and complementary modes of investigation that together allow for the creation of works that act as hypotheses about the impacts of technology change.

Prior to joining the faculty of Arts, Media + Engineering, David worked in Human Factors Engineering and Interaction Design, exploring patterns of human behavior, adaptation and resilience, looking for new strategies to support complex cognitive work. David worked at the Ohio Supercomputer Center Interface Lab, at the Cognitive Systems Engineering Lab at the Ohio State University, and at the ManTech Cognitive Systems Engineering Center.

At ASU, David co-directs the Learning Environments research group, where faculty and students invent new ways to harness emerging technologies that enable collaborative learning and prepare students for an increasingly dynamic world. David helped design the Digital Culture degree program at ASU, an experimental engineering-arts curriculum that combines competency-based education and interdisciplinary training for the next generation of cultural practitioners. David is designer and co-creator of CritViz.com, a teaching tool designed to expand the capabilities and scale of the studio-based classrooms using real-time critique and peer evaluation methods.