Tomas Stanton

March 3, 2016: Performer

A poet, Educator, Teaching Artist, Hip Hop Thespian and community organizer: Tomás is dedicated to advancing the art of spoken word and Hip Hop culture as platforms for youth development and civic engagement. Co-Founder of Phoenix’s premiere literary arts and youth development organization, Phonetic Spit, Tomás uses critical pedagogy to empower young and emerging adults to boldly express themselves – from the margins to the core. His work and teaching style are rooted in his childhood experiences of poverty, single parent household, and learning to navigate violence, identity, masculinity and what it means to love and be loved. Tomás has over 10 year experience in youth development and currently works all across the valley creating Brave spaces for expression. He is also the founder and directing producer of the Soul Justice Project (SJP), which is the resident theatre experience of Phonetic Spit. The SJP is dedicated to curating community based theatrical performance that create Brave spaces for unconventional thespians to carve out new pathways of expression and storytelling.